Team Dro-tein

We aren't just about helping you look your best; we are about helping you feel your best. We aren't just about helping you recover, we are about making sure you're up and at it, again. We aren't just about motivation; we are about getting you prepared to take it to the next level. We aren't just about accomplishments; we are about making history. We aren't just about cbd; we are about helping you want to #domore.


Jeanette Affolter | Fitness Model

Jeanette Affolter | Fitness Model

Los Angeles, CA

Social: @jeanetteaffolter


Conor McDonnell | NPC

Conor McDonnell | NPC

Boston, MA

Social: @conor__mcdonnell


Stephanie Choi | Powerlifter

Stephanie Choi | Powerlifting Athlete

Los Angeles, CA

Social: @steph__choi


Crystal Hejazi | Fitness Model

Crystal Hejazi | Fitness Athlete

Los Angeles, CA

Social: @littlehejazi


Kristie Higgs | Athlete/Fitness Coach

Kristie Higgs | Bikini/Fitness Coach

Boise, ID

Social: @kristiehiggs


Danielle Shorr

Danielle Shorr | Model/CPT

Los Angeles, CA

Social: @danielleshorr